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Understanding Static Caravan Insurance Coverage

Static caravan insurance is ideal for caravans that are permanently pitched in one location such as Holiday Park. It is normally referred to as mobile home. While the touring caravan is often used to travel from place to place, the static caravan will probably stay in one location for a long time. Static caravan normally has its own plumbing and permanent electrical lines and it should be insured as you would your primary home. But what insurance coverage you should look when asking for Mandura caravan insurance quotes for your static caravan?
•Insurance cover for damages caused by storm Static caravans are vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions, especially against storms. Storms can bring serious damage to your static caravan. Make sure that your static caravan insurance will not only cover the damage on caravan itself but also the other items such fixtures and fittings.
•Contents coverage The fittings and the fixtures of your static caravan are already included in the insurance of t…